Its been a while
GPS: 20 18.493S 119 15.236E

Its been ages since I have actually got off my back side and blogged!! As you've gathered, we have been up the Tanami, soaked up Broome, stayed longer in Port Headland than was necessary due to me...

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You know it's rough when...
GPS: 22 54.598S 139 55.064E

It's been a while since I blogged. Things have been going fairly well, Alex is coping by singing non stop about anything that comes to mind, drawing in his books, eating what ever he can get his...

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Put the jug on, it's a long one
GPS: 10 43.31S 142 25.35E

Lots to say, lots of photos to share and we are finally almost there!!! First up, let's talk about Betsie. There hasn't been a lot so far, but enough to make me vigilant and regular with my checks...

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The Grand Scheme
GPS: 16 12.995S 145 25.418E

We are finally somewhere exciting. As if just being here wasn't exciting, but this is were it starts to get good!! We crossed the Daintree river on the ferry this afternoon, and are heading up...

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Things that go bump in the night
GPS: 19 45.506S 146 50.154E

Well, more like things that make strange unexplainable noises in the engine!!!!! Yesterday we filled up at Blackdown, and I used the high volume truck pump like I always do. I then moved over to...

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On the Pacific Highway
GPS: 30 55.772S 153 04.685E

What an action packed couple of days!!! We arrived at the Expedition Center yesterday (Friday) at about 8:30am and loaded up the remaining odds and ends, swapped the gas struts on the roof, fitted...

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A big day in Sydney
GPS: 33 52.35S 151 12.47E

It's been a big day. First up, there is no conceivable way I could navigate Sydney in a car without a GPS. At one stage we were on the M5 in a tunnel that went for nearly 6km, which of course...

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Bye Bye Betsie
GPS: 37 32.37S 175 15.36E

We loaded Betsie into the container at the port of Tauranga and said good by to her for nearly a month. We will be reunited at the Expedition Center in Sydney on the 22 June. The voyage to Sydney...

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