Sat Dec 22 10:45 2018 NZDT
Run: 42.7nm (77.3km)

At Quinns Rocks. N of Perth for Xmas & Ny

Tue Dec 18 21:47 2018 NZDT
Run: 103.5nm (187.3km)

Rockingham Just south of Perth.

Fri Dec 14 21:51 2018 NZDT
Run: 40.8nm (73.8km)

Farm stay just out of Busselton. WA.

Thu Dec 13 15:58 2018 NZDT
Run: 20.7nm (37.5km)

Hi. At Augusta. Near Cape Leeuwin for a few days Where the southern ocean & the Indian ocean meet.

Wed Dec 12 22:01 2018 NZDT
Run: 138.6nm (250.9km)

Near Augusta & Cape Leeuwin.. Thanks for fixing the site.

Sun Dec 9 0:00 2018 NZDT
Run: 16.8nm (30.4km)

Cozy Corner

Fri Dec 7 0:00 2018 NZDT
Run: 64.7nm (117.1km)
Avg: 2.7kms
24hr: 64.7kms


Thu Dec 6 0:00 2018 NZDT
Run: 102.7nm (185.9km)
Avg: 4.3kms
24hr: 102.7kms

Millers campsite

Wed Dec 5 0:00 2018 NZDT
Run: 74.9nm (135.6km)
Avg: 2.7kms
24hr: 64.8kms

Starvation Bay

Mon Dec 3 20:15 2018 NZDT
Run: 113.7nm (205.8km)
Avg: 4.5kms
24hr: 107.8kms

Esperance for a few days the West along the coast.

Sun Dec 2 18:55 2018 NZDT
Run: 176.4nm (319.3km)
Avg: 7.9kms
24hr: 190.1kms

At Norseman to re-provision then off south .

Sat Dec 1 20:39 2018 NZDT
Run: 257.5nm (466.1km)
Avg: 9.5kms
24hr: 227.9kms

!/2 way on the longest straight stretch of road. 90 statute miles. Side wind all day. & on WA time now.

Fri Nov 30 17:32 2018 NZDT
Run: 164.6nm (297.9km)
Avg: 3.5kms
24hr: 84kms

Bush Camp. Close to SA/WA border. WA will take honey fresh fruit & most fresh vegies. So cooking up tonight.

Wed Nov 28 18:30 2018 NZDT
Run: 112.7nm (204km)
Avg: 4.2kms
24hr: 101.8kms

Parked on road works gravel pit on the side of the Eyre h/way.

Tue Nov 27 15:55 2018 NZDT
Run: 55.7nm (100.8km)

Ceduna SA. At a small c/v park before starting across the Nullarbor ( Null=nothing & Arbor=trees) But still things to see. Could be windy though.

Sun Nov 25 15:19 2018 NZDT
Run: 75.4nm (136.5km)

Streaky Bay. Wind is straight off the Southern Ocean.

Wed Nov 21 16:26 2018 NZDT
Run: 55.3nm (100.1km)

Wadinna. S Auz. Small town in the wheat belt area. 7 tonight & 4 tomorrow night Brrrr. Where did spring/summer go. At site with power & will have on reverse a/c going. 10 below average.

Tue Nov 20 16:59 2018 NZDT
Run: 90.5nm (163.8km)

Kimba. A friendly travelers town in the wheat belt area.

Sat Nov 17 15:56 2018 NZDT
Run: 68.2nm (123.4km)

Port Augusta S Auz for a few days before the trek across the Nullabor.

Wed Nov 14 19:03 2018 NZDT
Run: 171.4nm (310.2km)

Peterborough SA. free camp on the oval. Will have a look around for a few days.

Sat Nov 10 18:11 2018 NZDT
Run: 137.9nm (249.6km)
Avg: 5.7kms
24hr: 137.3kms

Broken hill At the race course. Grass under our feet. It's been red dirt for a while. Clean tidy place.

Fri Nov 9 18:05 2018 NZDT
Run: 120nm (217.2km)
Avg: 4.8kms
24hr: 114.5kms

A roadside stop. Not bad. Lots of wild/feral goats. They're not even afraid of you. At least they have road sense.

Thu Nov 8 16:56 2018 NZDT
Run: 172.1nm (311.5km)
Avg: 7.7kms
24hr: 184.9kms

Cobar. From here we start heading west.

Wed Nov 7 18:36 2018 NZDT
Run: 183.9nm (332.9km)
Avg: 8.2kms
24hr: 197.1kms

Barringun NSW. Have you heard of it? Neither have we. Parked with the sheep. A bit different. Sprinkling rain and a bit muddy at the moment.

Tue Nov 6 20:12 2018 NZDT
Run: 104nm (188.2km)

At a farm stay in Charlieville. hot hot. But hooked up to power & a/c is on.

Sun Nov 4 17:24 2018 NZDT
Run: 109.6nm (198.4km)
Avg: 5.5kms
24hr: 132.6kms

Tambo Qld. Pop 234. Hot. Artesian water. The cold water is hotter than the hot water. If you know what I mean.

Sat Nov 3 21:34 2018 NZDT
Run: 157.4nm (284.9km)
Avg: 12.9kms
24hr: 309.1kms

Barcaldine. The birth place of the Aust Labour party. They tell me??

Sat Nov 3 9:20 2018 NZDT
Run: 251nm (454.3km)

Clermont. On our way. Long day driving.

Mon Oct 29 13:08 2018 NZDT
Run: 144.2nm (261km)

Back in Townsville. For a few days. It's warm & hi humidity.

Mon Oct 22 17:47 2018 NZDT
Run: 25.8nm (46.7km)

Heading back to Townsville but stopping at Babinda for a few days. Much warmer & humid than the Atherton Tablelands. But a great bakery.

Thu Oct 11 9:23 2018 NZDT
Run: 68nm (123.1km)

back at Bonadio Close to Atherton.

Mon Oct 8 18:19 2018 NZDT
Run: 68nm (123.1km)

Chillagoe West of Cairns. Inland. & dry dry dry.

Thu Oct 4 20:04 2018 NZDT
Run: 8.2nm (14.8km)

Bonadio nature reserve. Platypus in the river behind us.

Sun Sep 30 16:08 2018 NZDT
Run: 29.3nm (53km)

Rocky Creek. Near Atherton.

Sat Sep 29 15:41 2018 NZST
Run: 34.3nm (62.1km)

Ravenshoe. On the Atherton Tablelands. Hugh wind farm in the area. Must be a windy place.

Wed Sep 26 14:58 2018 NZST
Run: 3.7nm (6.7km)

Just down the road but no marsh/black flies. Rotary park free for 3 days.

Tue Sep 25 18:57 2018 NZST
Run: 146.2nm (264.6km)

Babinda. The Boulders. Previous 4 days at Murray Falls with no internet & no 20m. I did have contact on 40m with the Comedy net though. Huge marsh flies here so will be moving on.

Thu Mar 22 22:46 2018 NZDT
Run: 47.6nm (86.2km)
Avg: 3.8kms
24hr: 90.9kms

Back in Townsville. About 13.000 Klm.

Thu Mar 22 10:11 2018 NZDT
Run: 140.3nm (253.9km)
Avg: 3.6kms
24hr: 85.2kms

Home Hill, In front of good friends place.

Tue Mar 20 18:41 2018 NZDT
Run: 162.3nm (293.8km)
Avg: 6.5kms
24hr: 155.8kms

Lake Elphinstone. May sound nice. May look nice, but, because of an algae bloom it smells like cow dung. Hoping for a changing wind direction.

Mon Mar 19 17:41 2018 NZDT
Run: 90nm (162.9km)

Dingo. Qld. No Dingos. Saw one snake crossing the road & "pictures" of Koala bears Warning of Koala bears in the area. We are counting the signs as they are the only koalas we've seen. Haha.

Sat Mar 17 19:54 2018 NZDT
Run: 95.5nm (172.9km)
Avg: 3.9kms
24hr: 93.7kms

Biloela. At a heritage park. $15 per night. Includes, water, electricity, showers & free entry to the exhibits. I think there might be some older cars in the halls?

Fri Mar 16 19:26 2018 NZDT
Run: 68.8nm (124.5km)

Mundubbra. Fee park, free WiFi.

Wed Mar 14 19:53 2018 NZDT
Run: 61.5nm (111.3km)

Hi. At a place called Kinbombi Falls. Have to see if there is in fact any water running.

Mon Mar 12 16:34 2018 NZDT
Run: 53nm (95.9km)

Toogoolawah.?? Not sure where the name came from. A small town NW of Brisbane.

Fri Mar 2 15:27 2018 NZDT
Run: 9.1nm (16.5km)

A little place with 2 pubs. We're leaving the c/van here while we fly to Norfolk Island.

Sat Feb 24 19:11 2018 NZDT
Run: 55.2nm (99.9km)

Kalbar for a few days.Having problems with our slideout. So need to get that attended to.

Fri Feb 23 18:01 2018 NZDT
Run: 121.2nm (219.4km)
Avg: 5.3kms
24hr: 126.5kms

Roadside stop for the night. Rainy.

Thu Feb 22 19:01 2018 NZDT
Run: 229.4nm (415.2km)
Avg: 3kms
24hr: 72.7kms

Mother of Ducks Lagoon. Guyra. Can't see a lagoon or ducks but it is at an elevation of 1330 meters.

Mon Feb 19 15:16 2018 NZDT
Run: 86.9nm (157.3km)
Avg: 4.2kms
24hr: 100kms

At a farm close to Dubbo. Some shopping to do for Norfolk Island trip.

Sun Feb 18 18:25 2018 NZDT
Run: 196.3nm (355.3km)
Avg: 8.3kms
24hr: 198.1kms

Forbes NSW. By the Billabong right in town. Hot today. 36.

Sat Feb 17 18:39 2018 NZDT
Run: 150.8nm (272.9km)
Avg: 3.2kms
24hr: 77.6kms

Hey! We're at Hay. Very flat country.

Thu Feb 15 19:59 2018 NZDT
Run: 152nm (275.1km)
Avg: 3.1kms
24hr: 73.4kms

Long day but now about 10 feet from the river. Very nice. At Mildura.

Tue Feb 13 18:18 2018 NZDT
Run: 110.2nm (199.5km)
Avg: 6.1kms
24hr: 147.4kms

Swan Reach. SA. On the murray river.Getting warm but cool nights.

Tue Feb 13 0:22 2018 NZDT
Run: 19.9nm (36km)

C/van park at Cape Jervis. Just back from KI.

Sat Feb 10 16:43 2018 NZDT
Run: 38.3nm (69.3km)

Browns beach for a few days. Then the 7:30 PM ferry on Monday.
Blowing SW 30Knots. Sand not spray.

Fri Feb 9 19:57 2018 NZDT
Run: 35.1nm (63.5km)

Stokes Bay. Nice rock pool for a swim. & small restaurant with great s&p calamari.

Thu Feb 8 20:34 2018 NZDT
Run: 36nm (65.2km)

Cape Borda. & it's windy near the lighthouse.

Tue Feb 6 19:48 2018 NZDT
Run: 89.9nm (162.7km)

Vivonne Bay K.I. Just getting signals. Will try ham tomorrow 7th.

Sun Feb 4 23:13 2018 NZDT
Run: 28.5nm (51.6km)

Catching the ferry to Kangaroo Island at Cape Jervis(about 60klm west) on Tuesday. Shopping tomorrow.

Fri Feb 2 18:13 2018 NZDT
Run: 98.1nm (177.6km)

Free camp near the Narrung ferry. Also the ferry is free. Nice grassy spot to camp.

Wed Jan 31 16:24 2018 NZDT
Run: 68.7nm (124.3km)
Avg: 3.1kms
24hr: 75kms

Kingston SE. In S Auz. Right by the sea. I think it's too cold for a swim though.

Tue Jan 30 18:25 2018 NZDT
Run: 129.4nm (234.2km)
Avg: 5.4kms
24hr: 129.3kms

Apsley. A village that lets you camp behind the pub for free. Pub not open Mon & Tues though. Still in Victoria.

Mon Jan 29 18:24 2018 NZDT
Run: 68.9nm (124.7km)

Koorah Hall. By the road. Suppose to be gusty winds/t/l & rain. AND a cool change from 40's to 20's.

Tue Jan 23 17:54 2018 NZDT
Run: 82.6nm (149.5km)

Lockington. Hot but have a/c on. Lovely country town & a nomads welcome committee.

Sun Jan 14 18:45 2018 NZDT
Run: 98.9nm (179km)

On the bank of the Murray River. Yarrawonga in Victoria.

Fri Jan 12 19:14 2018 NZDT
Run: 153.6nm (278km)
Avg: 6.1kms
24hr: 145.6kms

Grong Grong. Haven't got a clue what it means.

Busy laughing here. originally - Garrongoorung,, shortened to Grong Grong, means bad camping ground OR very bad camping ground!
Now is it because of mosquitoes, snakes, bad water, ...........

Thu Jan 11 17:55 2018 NZDT
Run: 120.6nm (218.3km)
Avg: 14.5kms
24hr: 347.5kms

Manildra. Big flour mill here. Small town but some big new homes. There must be money in dough.

Thu Jan 11 9:35 2018 NZDT
Run: 93.7nm (169.6km)

Merriwa. Pronounced. merry-wor, Don't know why the locals couldn't understand me.

Thu Dec 28 17:01 2017 NZDT
Run: 161.3nm (292km)
Avg: 7.5kms
24hr: 180.6kms

Down at Morisset. Will see the NY in here.

Wed Dec 27 19:35 2017 NZDT
Run: 141.9nm (256.8km)
Avg: 5.8kms
24hr: 139.5kms

Kempsey Show ground. Showers, Electricity & shopping. All good.

Tue Dec 26 19:10 2017 NZDT
Run: 77nm (139.4km)

Braemar park. Thunder and lightning. But good spot.

Wed Dec 20 9:43 2017 NZDT
Run: 132.4nm (239.6km)
Avg: 2.8kms
24hr: 66.4kms

At Mt Tamborine for Xmas. Beautiful spot, cool nights. Merry Xmas everyone.

Mon Dec 18 9:51 2017 NZDT
Run: 86.3nm (156.2km)

Gympie. Visiting friends.

Fri Dec 15 17:03 2017 NZDT
Run: 118.4nm (214.3km)
Avg: 5.7kms
24hr: 135.7kms

Gin Gin rest stop. O/night.

Thu Dec 14 20:07 2017 NZDT
Run: 211.2nm (382.3km)
Avg: 2.5kms
24hr: 61.1kms

Long day.Road works so a few holdups. We are about 30 kl S of Rockhampton.. Free o/n with free showers. Did buy diesel though. Same price all over. $1.37/L. & we chew 22L/100K, towing. So still watch those pesky head winds.

Mon Dec 11 9:11 2017 NZDT
Run: 191.1nm (345.9km)

Habana. North of Mackay. Visiting friends. On our way south.

Sun Aug 13 9:08 2017 NZST
Run: 31.5nm (57km)

Back at home base & on our yacht " Ashymakaihken".

Sat Aug 12 9:30 2017 NZST
Run: 101.6nm (183.9km)
Avg: 3kms
24hr: 72.8kms

Bushy Park. 50km N of Townsville

Fri Aug 11 0:00 2017 NZST
Run: 152.7nm (276.4km)

Fri Aug 11 0:00 2017 NZST
Run: 1.2nm (2.2km)

Tully Gorge. No internet. No lights. Beautiful nights with stary nights.

Sat Jul 29 14:59 2017 NZST
Run: 73.8nm (133.6km)
Avg: 3.3kms
24hr: 79.2kms

Will be here for a few days. A cattle homestead. & will be visiting cooktown.

Fri Jul 28 16:37 2017 NZST
Run: 36.6nm (66.2km)

Rifle Creek. Mt Molloy. Sunny at last. Good for solar panel.

Sun Jul 23 17:05 2017 NZST
Run: 78.6nm (142.3km)
Avg: 3.7kms
24hr: 90kms

Rocky Creek. Was a huge WW2 hospital. Just N of Atherton. Driving through country side that is hard to believe is in the tropics.

Sat Jul 22 20:07 2017 NZST

Sat Jul 22 20:04 2017 NZST
Run: 102.6nm (185.7km)
Avg: 3971.6kms
24hr: 95318.7kms

gravel pi over night stop.

Sat Jul 22 20:03 2017 NZST
Run: 2.2nm (4km)

Fri Jul 21 0:00 2017 NZST
Run: 20.3nm (36.7km)

Drove to Cobbold gorge. Hidden on a cattle property. Did a day trip as expensive to stay overnight & on a gravel road.

Thu Jul 20 15:45 2017 NZST
Run: 92.8nm (168km)

At Forsayth. Heading into Cobbold Gorge tomorrow. May just take vehicle in as it's a corrugated road. Again.

Some photos would be great. And a drone video would be spectacular.

Mon Jul 17 17:21 2017 NZST
Run: 85nm (153.9km)

Croydon. Claims the oldest store in Auz?? An old gold mine town. Great facilities for free camping. ($5 donation).

Sat Jul 15 20:05 2017 NZST
Run: 185.3nm (335.4km)
Avg: 5.6kms
24hr: 134.1kms

Now at Normanton where you are more likely to see a croc than a fish.

Fri Jul 14 10:56 2017 NZST
Run: 52.3nm (94.7km)

Lawn Hill NP. Leaving & going back to Gregory. On a very rough (corrugated) road.

Wed Jul 5 12:57 2017 NZST
Run: 201nm (363.8km)

Mellish Park Homestead. Cattle, goats, pigs, chooks.

Sat Jul 1 18:28 2017 NZST
Run: 89.8nm (162.5km)
Avg: 3.7kms
24hr: 88.8kms

Julia Creek. Free camping by a bilabong. 30 degrees, so a little warm for winter.

Fri Jun 30 18:11 2017 NZST
Run: 131.9nm (238.7km)
Avg: 2.9kms
24hr: 68.4kms

Richmond. Where lots of Kronosaurus skeletons are discovered on cattle properties.

what a long drive from tasmania! I guess we have to assume you went home in between!

Wed Jun 28 19:55 2017 NZST
Run: 1534.3nm (2777.1km)

On the road again. Flinders h/way heading to Lawn hill Nat' Park & a cattle station "Mellish".

Wed Jan 11 18:18 2017 NZDT
Run: 108.1nm (195.7km)
Avg: 11.5kms
24hr: 275.5kms

Over night near airport.

Wed Jan 11 8:53 2017 NZDT
Run: 13.5nm (24.4km)

Queenstown. Tassie. 1st day of rain on this trip.

Sun Jan 8 19:26 2017 NZDT
Run: 96.3nm (174.3km)

At Strahan. On the steam train tomorrow.

Sat Jan 7 0:25 2017 NZDT
Run: 71.3nm (129.1km)

At Stanley. The Nut. & surrounds for 2 days.

Mon Jan 2 15:01 2017 NZDT
Run: 32.6nm (59km)

Sails on Port Sorell. Nice spot great day.

Thu Dec 29 16:56 2016 NZDT
Run: 57.9nm (104.8km)

At Launceston for a few days. Moving on next year. Have a great NYE. Ash and Bren.

Tue Dec 27 23:01 2016 NZDT
Run: 123.7nm (223.9km)

Dropped off Dawn & Joe at the airport & drove up to St Marys. A great drive but very twisty. Very old pub but good food. Toilet down the hall. Should have brought a pee bottle. Haha.

Wed Dec 21 20:15 2016 NZDT
Run: 17.5nm (31.7km)

On the Huon River. At Cygnet. Looking up old yachtie friends & checking out the local sites.

Fri Dec 16 23:18 2016 NZDT
Run: 0.6nm (1.1km)
Avg: 10kms
24hr: 241.1kms

Kingston Beach. Tassie

Fri Dec 16 23:14 2016 NZDT
Run: 1641.1nm (2970.4km)

Thu Aug 25 20:37 2016 NZST
Run: 117.3nm (212.3km)
Avg: 4.4kms
24hr: 106.4kms

Back in Townsville. Transitioning back to the yacht.

Wed Aug 24 18:10 2016 NZST
Run: 69.8nm (126.3km)

Roadside stop near Campaspe River (BED). Flowing sand only at the moment. Will be some traffic noise tonight, I think.

Tue Aug 23 10:06 2016 NZST
Run: 38.4nm (69.5km)

Porcupine Gorge with no signal out. Altitude is 1500m so a very good radio signal on 20m. This is the marine ham net. They will be continuing east in the general direction of Townsville tomorrow.

Sun Aug 21 15:28 2016 NZST
Run: 69.1nm (125.1km)

Hughenden. To get park permit for Porcupine gorge. Which is 70klm north of here.

Fri Aug 19 15:07 2016 NZST
Run: 89.7nm (162.4km)

Richmond. Home of the Kronosaurus. Should be interesting.

Wed Aug 17 18:39 2016 NZST
Run: 111.3nm (201.5km)

1Klm E of Julia Creek. Smalllll town on the Flinders H/way.

Sat Aug 13 16:31 2016 NZST
Run: 59nm (106.8km)
Avg: 2.7kms
24hr: 65.9kms

Corella Dam. Between Mt Isa & Cloncurry.

Fri Aug 12 19:01 2016 NZST
Run: 166.6nm (301.5km)
Avg: 3.4kms
24hr: 81.9kms

Over night at Fullerton river roadside rest area. May be a bit noisy with road trains passing through. Only 60Klm from Cloncurry. Known simply as "The Curry".

How far west are you going! Crossing the border maybe. Hope your papers are ready as the NT jails don't sound too great. I presume you will stock up at Mt Isa although it does not look too mountainous on Google. Not much happening on Tony's net. It is hard with Gary away. I can hear you just. P

Wed Aug 10 18:12 2016 NZST
Run: 1.6nm (2.9km)
Avg: 23.2kms
24hr: 557.4kms

A couple of Kilometers south of Winton The Billabong looks like dark coffee.

Wed Aug 10 18:08 2016 NZST
Run: 1.7nm (3.1km)
Avg: 53.7kms
24hr: 1288.4kms

Wed Aug 10 18:06 2016 NZST
Run: 101.7nm (184.1km)

Thu Aug 4 17:46 2016 NZST
Run: 121.3nm (219.6km)

Longreach. Home of the beginnings of QANTAS & the Stockmans hall of fame.

Sun Jul 31 18:02 2016 NZST
Run: 101.2nm (183.2km)

Jericho. On the Jordon River. (Australia). It's safer.

Safer from what! And how many sapphires did you buy? You are really moving inland and we wonder what the weather is like. Our temperature this morning was 12 c with rain and cold SW wind.

Fri Jul 29 16:07 2016 NZST

Camping at Sapphire.

Fri Jul 29 16:05 2016 NZST
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)

Fri Jul 29 16:02 2016 NZST
Run: 46.1nm (83.4km)

Thu Jul 28 16:43 2016 NZST

Thu Jul 28 16:39 2016 NZST
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)

Thu Jul 28 16:35 2016 NZST
Run: 0.8nm (1.4km)
Avg: 5.3kms
24hr: 127.3kms

Thu Jul 28 16:26 2016 NZST
Run: 0.8nm (1.4km)
Avg: 38.9kms
24hr: 934.1kms

Thu Jul 28 16:25 2016 NZST

Camping o/night at Clermont

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