Wed Nov 9 0:03 2016 NZDT
Run: 3619.3nm (6550.9km)
Avg: 2.6kms
24hr: 62.6kms

Doing some trekking and car exploring in northern India (Himachal Pradesh). Second time in this area: still love it!

Chadratal Lake (4500m)
Spiti Valley
Looking into the Chamba Valley from Minkiani Pass (Outer Himalayas, Dhauladhar Range). Central Himalayas in the far background.
Mon Sep 12 3:30 2016 NZST
Run: 130.4nm (236km)

Just to show we aren't always in wild places, a bit of culture from Milano!

Your photos are wonderful and bring back lots of memories. Did you walk up the peak behind the Machu Picchu ruins. More of a climb using ropes but a spectacular view from the top along with the butterflies. It was many years ago that I did that and it sounds a
Lot busier now . GGRILA is the number plate and name of our car. The 8 cylinders growl when woken up. We are taking a week off ghradio tomorrow to prepare for the homeward bound passages. Heihei good. Patricia

MP is a ZOOOO now.... Choquequirao was way nicer. Climbed Machu Picchu mountain (higher than H. Picchu, but no ropes). Inkans were little people, but had B-I-G steps! Thanx for checking on HH!

Sun Sep 4 0:00 2016 NZST
Run: 6226.6nm (11270.1km)
Avg: 25.9kms
24hr: 622.7kms

Valle de Maira in the Western Italian Alps. Sometimes called "the western Dolomites". Big rocks, scree, Ibex, Chamois and Marmots!

Just before the Skipper sprained her ankle stepping out of the Bivouac in the dark....
Italy to the left, France to the right, WW2 barbed wire and stakes scattered here and there.

Hey guys, the format you submitted your positions in for your last three posts didn't work. I have converted and fixed for the most part but not sure this one is so accurate as it had much more rounding on it than others. You might want to check and amend if it is not right. Dani.

Thought something was wrong: the map disappeared! The format looked OK to me... Any idea what was wrong? Have to manually put the locations in, as where we take photos generally has NOOOOOOO internet!

Thu Aug 25 0:00 2016 NZST
Run: 114.1nm (206.5km)

Stayed at Tambo Blanquillo Lodge next to Manu National Park in the Peruvian Amazon basin. Awesome! Lotsa critters, a real taste of what the world's biggest area of rainforest is all about. Disappointingly though, there is still a lot of fairly uncontrolled alluvial gold mining happening just downstream... ?

A big rat....
Wed Aug 3 13:27 2016 NZST

Just returned from trekking between Choquequirao and Machu Picchu: around 120km in 8 days and from 10,000m to 12,000m total elevation change (up and down). Highest pass was 4700m, and lowest point was 1500m. We had 3 days with 2000m ascents or descents, and were constantly surrounded by peaks greater than 5000m.

Spectacular scenery (even if, as it is the dry season, most days were pretty dusty)!

Can recommend this trek very highly, as we were able to walk through tropical jungle, high alpine, deserts, coffee plantations and cloud forests. We saw lots of Incan archeological sites, and despite the tourist zoo at Machu Picchu the whole trip was exceptional!

Machu Picchu

Ah, so that's what all the moody photos are about. I had assumed mist, makes for pretty photos at least. Loving seeing your photos, I was there in 08 but took the cheat's way up. Must be incredibly rewarding the way you did it.

Fri Jul 22 3:34 2016 NZST

Trying to learn Epsaņol and getting ready for a 9 day trek!

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