Tue Sep 13 2:03 2016 NZST
Run: 5nm (9.1km)
Weather: Mixed bag, overcast with some sun & brief shower. Becoming autumny.

At Appley Bridge, 2 miles from our final destination at Wigan. Be there tomorrow, off boat Wed morning. 1 swing bridge and 1 lock to go. Looking forward to our next part of our holiday.

Seen many beautiful gardens. Begonias very popular. This small garden near where we moored. Sign says Victorian garden.
Seen many beautiful gardens. Begonias very popular. This small garden near where we moored. Sign says Victorian garden.
Fri Sep 9 18:32 2016 NZST
Weather: Rain to start. Cloudy and cool. Drizzle evening.

All on trains to Blackpool yesterday. Walked along foreshore and out on piers. Seaside resort town. Many colourful lights at night. Ballingers stayed overnight, Gibsons back to narrow boat.

Tide out. Irish Sea. South Pier
Tide out. Irish Sea. South Pier
Mon Sep 5 22:33 2016 NZST
Run: 25.5nm (46.2km)
Weather: Cold and drizzly earlier today when travelling. Overcast and cool now, very murky, could rain again.

Left Maghull for Haskayne yesterday. Now Burscough. Plan to stock up with food & water and head up the Rufford Branch canal for a way tomorrow. Can't go too far as it goes tidal.

Woops bad photo by accident! Was at wall around city, Chester
Woops bad photo by accident! Was at wall around city, Chester
Entranceway walled city, Chester. Taken couple days aho
Entranceway walled city, Chester. Taken couple days aho

Oh to be in England now.
Strong snow and thick wind and ferries cancelled here.
Desert Road and Rimatuka Hill closed.Thanks for maps.
Over and off.

Sat Sep 3 0:36 2016 NZST
Weather: Overcast and cool

In Liverpool (by train) for the second day. So much to see. At museum by Albert Docks. Waiting to see Beatles show.

Ferry cross the Mersey :)
Ferry cross the Mersey :)
Fri Sep 2 0:06 2016 NZST
Weather: Fine with some cloud

In Liverpool by train. Great city, old and new buildings. Wharf area very interesting with old buildings, piers, canals, docks. Great to see the ocean from the mouth of the Mersey River. Just missed Beatles week. Never mind, 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. Thinking about 'Ferry on the Mersey'. :)

Very impressive buildings
Very impressive buildings
Wed Aug 31 1:04 2016 NZST
Weather: Cloudy but warm

Finally on line again. Have completed our 2 canal rings, been back through Wigan where we started. The other boat left us on Sunday. Heading towards Liverpool now. At Burscough now for lunch.

Lock keepers cottage
Lock keepers cottage
Sat Aug 27 2:34 2016 NZST
Run: 1.2nm (2.2km)
Weather: Sunny and warm, lovely for walking

Today walked to the Docklands of Manchester where the old ships came up to unload. Area been done up not unlike Darling harbour. All main media outlets there (BBC, Coronation St etc).

Yesterday came thru canal under city buildings etc. Magic in parts.
Yesterday came thru canal under city buildings etc. Magic in parts.
Wed Aug 24 0:44 2016 NZST
Run: 5.9nm (10.7km)
Weather: Blazing sunshine at last. Last 4 days had heavy rain showers.

At Piccadilly gated village beside the Bridgewater canal. Been down 17 locks today. Skirting around Manchester. Seen large stadiums, office buildings, old and new.

Mon Aug 22 21:12 2016 NZST
Run: 7.7nm (13.9km)

Stayed last night at Romiley. Went over great aquaduct en route, fantastic view. Heading close to Manchester airport, seem to be on flight path, see loud planes

Sun Aug 21 20:43 2016 NZST
Run: 8.2nm (14.8km)
Weather: Some heavy rain, cooler. Umbrellas on hand. :((

Been out to southern end of Peak canal to Whaley Bridge, pretty village. Now backtracking towards Manchester. 16 more locks coming up but all descending this time. Several swing and lift bridges this bit. Had potential hitch hiker

Looks like a migrating Seatoun duck

Fri Aug 19 3:22 2016 NZST
Run: 13.3nm (24.1km)
Weather: Warm and sunny but rain forecast next 4 days :(

Arrived Macclesfield. Locks very slow, hard and busy end route. Rolly hills, nice countryside and scenery.

Wed Aug 17 23:43 2016 NZST
Run: 9nm (16.3km)
Weather: Sunny warm

Left marina, on Trent and Mercer canal, thru Harecastle tunnel 2963 yards. They close doors both ends for ventilation fans. Very dark. Takes 40 mins. Now on Macclesfield canal

Good thing you kept your heads down.
Let there be light.
Thanks for maps.

Sun Aug 14 4:18 2016 NZST
Run: 13.6nm (24.6km)
Weather: Mostly overcast, cool but patches of sun. (Jerseys and off!)

We are at Leek, end of one arm of the Caldon Canal. Vastly different scenery, up among hills. 2 bridge lifts today, 1 aquaducts with another crossing canal underneath. Slow and windy canal.

You are just about half way to wherever you are going.
Whitebait season opens today back here.
That's the biggest news.. Cheers

Tue Aug 9 20:20 2016 NZST
Run: 26.9nm (48.7km)
Weather: Sun but quite windy last couple days.

In Stone on the Trent and Mercer canal. Nice countryside last few days (not so industrial). Cows, sheep, corn, wheat, upmarket houses, beaut gardens, tidy pretty villages. Rest day today.

Canal style roundabout. Nothing new!
Canal style roundabout. Nothing new!

Never seen a roundabout on a canal before. Keep safe and enjoy

Fri Aug 5 2:28 2016 NZST
Run: 4.9nm (8.9km)
Weather: Cloudy and cool

Our second day in Dudley moored by the Black Country Living museum, a very interesting venue. Visited Dudley Castle today. Us two biked yesterday nearly to Birmingham on tow path.

Thanks for map update very useful
Make the best of your warm weather. All South Island thick with snow.
All quiet in NZ. .Sort of.
Cheers them Chappells

Tue Aug 2 1:44 2016 NZST
Run: 40.6nm (73.5km)
Weather: Mostly overcast and cool. Not summery.

Moved from Brewood to Wolverhampton today. 22 locks kept us busy. Got it down to 6 locks per hour. Pretty tiring stuff. Very industrial city, bit rough. Moored centre of town.

Amazing stone bridges over canal
Amazing stone bridges over canal

Greetings Finally caught up with Keith's map. Lovely spring day here. Good unlocking. Cheers. Them Chappells

Sun Jul 31 23:48 2016 NZST
Weather: Cool overcast

At Wheton Aston pub for Sunday roast lunch.

Wed Jul 27 1:04 2016 NZST
Run: 26.6nm (48.1km)
Weather: Drizzly. Cool.

Been thru 2 locks today. Just arrived Barbridge junction. Going to bus into Chester tomorrow. Interesting countryside, many cows.

Looks nice, lots of boats in the canal ( narrow waterway ) on the map, looks like parking could be tricky. Big blow back here on the weekend. I washed back of your boat to get worst off.
There is a cool Roman aqueduct and bathhouse ruins in Chester.

Sun Jul 24 4:35 2016 NZST
Weather: Warm and overcast.

Leigh last night. Have moved on to Lymm now via 3 aquaducts (1 large over Manchester river), amazing. Lymm very pretty village.

Fri Jul 22 21:57 2016 NZST
Run: 11279.8nm (20416.4km)
Avg: 63.7kms
24hr: 1529.3kms
Weather: Hot and sunny.h

At Plank Lane on the Leigh branch of the Liverpool Leeds branch canal. Filling with water. Cruising with Kindred Spirit, very enjoyable company.

Hope the Gibsons are behaving themselves.18 degrees here today. IOOF up slightly. Cheers

'Hurricanes' warning tonight but not of the atmospheric type. Weather will be wet n' wild as they tackle the Sharks at the Cake Tin. All secure in the street.

Hurricanes 41 Sharks nil.

Highlanders v Hurricanes next week

Hurricanes play Chiefs and Highlanders go to S Africa This Weekend

Very excited for you all. I'm thinking that all of you will have great arm muscles by the end of the canal trip !

Thu Jul 21 1:29 2016 NZST
Weather: Hot sunny some thunder lightening rain earlier.

Arrived Wigan yesterday on hottest day this summer 33 degs. On Kellis in marina, hope to move later today.

Fri Jul 15 12:56 2016 NZST
Run: 311.7nm (564.2km)
Avg: 275kms
24hr: 6600.7kms

test at home packing to go

I hope you have arrived safely and look forward to tales and photos of locks, tunnels and swing bridges

Fri Jul 15 11:48 2016 NZST
Speed: 3kms

2 test scaffolding anymore! Next time a satellite view of the fresh roof job. Have a great trip, we look forward to the photos.

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