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Places of Interest

Neiafu Lookout
GPS: 18 38.922S 173 59.967W

Access this lookout from tapueluelu road, walk is only about half an hour But you will be rewarded with great views out over neiafu and across to The eastern islands as well as across to the...

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Kiwi walk - loop track to Ocean Beach
GPS: 46 58.0725s 168 10.528e

Dinghy to shore at this beach to access a loop track to Ocean Beach where kiwi can be spotted feeding in the sand at dawn and dusk. If you want to be ashore after 6pm or before 6am you need a permit...

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Ulva Island - Te Wharawhara
GPS: 46 55.594s 168 07.945e

An open island sanctuary with fabulous bird and plant life, including rare mohua (yellow-heads) and tieke (saddle backs). Access easy walking tracks from Sydney Cove. Walks range from ten minutes to...

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Rakiura Track
GPS: 46 50.206s 168 05.151e

Good spot to access the stunning Rakiura Track with options of a jetty or beach landing. You can make the short walk over to Maori Beach (easy 2 hour return with a bit of time to explore, it has...

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Bald Cone (ex Billy's Cove)
GPS: 47 13.597s 167 35.215e

Spectacular 275m high granite peak. Two hours to the top. Follow small piles of rocks in the open terrain. When you emerge from the bush cross the gulley and follow the ridge a little before crossing...

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Frazer Peaks (Magog & Gog) from Evening Cove
GPS: 47 12.374s 167 36.975e

Walk to Frazer Peaks. You can choose to summit one or both peaks - Magog and Gog. We went to Magog and it was stunning. Incredible views over the island, including Gog, Seal Creek (Cooks Arm) and the...

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San Jose Volcano, Maipo Valley, Chile
GPS: 33 51.41109s 69 58.75020w

Stunning walk in the Andes at the top of the Maipo Valley. The walk from the road end takes you across a valley to the base of the 6000m high San Jose volcano. The walk is about three hours return at...

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Medieval town wall, Rhodes, Greece
GPS: 36 26.63961n 28 13.34425e

Walk along the top of the wall of the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. The walls extend for 1100m starting from the Kanonia Gate and ending at St. John's Gate. You get great views of the...

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Mariner's Cave, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 41.451S 174 04.492W

Wicked underwater cave you can surface in. Great sea fog effects with the swell - do not miss out on this amazing experience! To find the cave look for the stripes in the rock wall and where the...

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Swallows Cave, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 41.008S 174 02.839W

Stunning spot to snorkel. There are two caves here, the northern cave is fun to start in with a bonus secret cave to the left of the entrance That you swim down and up into (a good introduction if...

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Manta Ray Pass
GPS: 17 09.76158s 177 11.58258e

Manta rays feed in the pass swimming up and down for hours. The best time to go is a couple of hours before high tide. There is a bit of a current but not so strong that you can't swim against it...

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Blue Lagoon, Nanuya Island
GPS: 16 56.922s 177 21.952e

Huge schools of sergeant fish congregate here as they are regularly fed by the locals. Snorkelling among them is an incredible experience. The site slopes away from the beach and then quickly drops...

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Dive site: Elsdon Pipe, Houghton Bay
GPS: 41 20.75514S 174 46.93986E

The topography at this site is great with a rocky reef full of of cracks, crevices and canyons. Plenty of kelp as well as invert encrusted patches on walls. Plenty to explore!Aquatic Life:This site...

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Cape Rodney to Okakari Point Marine Reserve (Leigh Marine Reserve)
GPS: 36 15.9687S 174 47.48706E

Cape Rodney to Okakari Point Marine Reserve (more commonly known as Leigh or Goat Island) was established over 30 years ago and was New Zealand's first marine reserve. Previously charachterised by...

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Long Island - Kokomohua Marine Reserve
GPS: 41 6.98094S 174 17.26776E

There are reefs around the northern side of Long Island and the bottom slopes away on the eastern side. Towards the south east there is a steeper drop off where more pelagic species may be seen...

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Sirens’ Rocks/Mermaids’ Kitchen, Taputeranga Marine Reserve
GPS: 41 20.96922S 174 45.79788E

This rocky coastline faces south and is exposed to the full force of the southerlies which regularly pound Wellington’s southern shores. A couple of days of northerlies though and this site is...

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Blue Maomao Arch, Poor Knights Islands
GPS: 35 29.32404S 174 44.46924E

This site is based on the archway. A sandy bottomed channel (Labrid Channel) leads into the arch. Take a look at the large boulders in the channel where colourful triplefins and blennies perch....

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Hole in the Rock, Kapiti Island
GPS: 40 49.29672S 174 55.37274E

If you jump in on the eastern side of the point you find yourself in a fairly shallow bay kelpy dropping off fairly quickly to the north to sand flats. A reef runs along the west side of the bay and...

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Mikhail Lermontov
GPS: 40 59.136S 174 14.54862E

The Lermontov now lies on her Starboard side and is fully intact. Diving on the Lermontov is a fantastic experience, with the propellers, damage, funnel, bridge and pool area all easily assessable....

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Middle Arch, Poor Knights Islands
GPS: 35 27.4551S 174 43.95294E

At the southern entrance to Middle Arch on the left is Bernie's Cave, a small cave with a sandy bottom at 13 metres and an air bubble at the top, about 7 metres. The cave has a ledge at the back...

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Milford Sound/Piopiotahi, Fiordland
GPS: 44 37.78908S 167 53.95476E

Diving in Fiordland is a unique experience due to the tea coloured (tanin stained) freshwater layer that permanently sits on the surface of the fiords reducing light penetration. Below this is the...

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Ulva Island (Te Wharawhara) Marine Reserve, Stewart Island (Rakiura)
GPS: 46 55.58112S 168 8.10654E

Water temperature ranges from 8 degrees in the winter to 14 degrees in the summer. Visibility can be excellent here as there is little run-off from the land with 85% of the island covered in native...

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Te Awaatu Channel/The Gut, Fiordland
GPS: 45 17.53674S 166 56.63706E

Diving in Fiordland is a unique experience due to the tea coloured (tanin stained) freshwater layer that permanently sits on the surface of the fiords reducing light penetration. Below this is the...

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Grand Central, Namena Island, Fiji
GPS: 17 04.290S 179 06.512E

Amazing diving with beautiful basin rich with life and solid wall drop off. Great schools of big-eye barracuda and trevally, grey reef sharks hovering off the drop-off and lots of big pelagic fish...

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Gorgonian Forest, Tu'ungasika, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 39.667S 174 04.045W

Fabulous gorgonian fans are the star feature of this site but it would be a brilliant site even without them, it has a great swim-through tunnel and an active cleaning station with pelagics like...

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Split-apple Rock, Tu'ungasika, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 39.508S 174 04.164W

Start in the northwest and head southeast. The dramatic and very picturesque split-apple rock can be found here. Lots of soft corals, awesome swim throughs, and great fish diversity including...

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Northwest Meyr, Kermadec Islands, NZ
GPS: 29 14.518S 177 52.705W

Stunning clear water with a few corals and little algae make with loads of inquisitive Galapagos sharks and kingfish make this a unique and impressive site. A great mix of temperate (demoiselle...

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f4u corsair (nose down), roi-namur
GPS: 09 21.000N 167 26.382E

awesome dive, plane sitting on nose, still intact.

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asakaze maru, local name k2 upright, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 08 44.415N 167 43.067E

great ship wreck with lots to see including guns, even with the poor vis and rough seas we had on the day, an awesome dive, 36m

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b25 plane, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 09 20.931N 167 26.412E

sitting upright on wheels, looks like ready for takeoff, 36m

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plane graveyard, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 09 20.912N 167 26.305E

as the title implies, lots of planes, we counted 8 on our dive, 2 vertical, fantastic dive, 34m

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namena marina reserve
GPS: 17 06.616S 179 05.703E

the diving is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as this is a marine reserve there is a $30/diver charge, but we have certainly got more than...

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North Minerva Reef
GPS: 23 36.79s 178 55.75w

Scuba diving the outside wall drop-offs at the Minerva Reefs is spectacular due to the superb water clarity and extensive coral, fish and other marine life. There are few suspended particles and the...

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Limu Rise
GPS: 20 1.625S 174 28.269W

A cluster of large coral heads rising up to 3m depth, surrounded by sandy bottom at a depth of 20m. The water here is crystal clear, the best visibility you can get. The rocky coral rise is encrusted...

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Tongoa Wall, Tongoa Island, Vanuatu
GPS: 16 52.359S 168 31.821E

Amazing diving on the north side of the wall with lots of soft coral, fans, and sea creatures including banana nudibranch. The customary fee is 500 VT payable on shore although a higher fee may be...

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Ringdove Bay, Epi Island, Vanuatu
GPS: 16 37.366S 168 08.681E

Surprisingly good diving and snorkeling on the N and SE portions of the reef with hard corals deep and soft corals near the surface and some shallow canyons. In addition, there is an 80 ft wall on...

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GPS: 18 38.548S 174 03.895W

From the surface this looks like just another coral garden. But the top of the coral reef is sitting on several towers of rock that plummet 15m down to sand. Swim through tunnels, into large caves...

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Makodroga Rocks
GPS: 17 26.014S 178 56.748E

A pile of black rocks jut out from the southern tip of Maodroga Island, adjacent to Makogai Island. Dive the western side of this reef. Large clams, turtles and a kaleidoscope of colours await you. A...

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Diadema Rock, Te Paepae o Aotea (Volkner Rocks) Marine Reserve
GPS: 37 28.79472S 177 7.6554E

10-30 metres. Near vertical rock walls, submerged pinnacles and drop offs characterise this dive site which gets very deep very quickly. Minimal sediment run-off from the pinnacles result in very...

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Big Volkner, Volkner Rocks (Te Paepae Aotea) Marine Reserve
GPS: 37 28.54302S 177 8.05002E

6-30+ metres. Submerged pinnacle in the path of the warm eastern current.Aquatic Life:Kingfish are common and other pelagics like marlin, tuna and sharks can occasionally be seen. The pinnacle is...

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Homestead Reef, White Island
GPS: 37 31.60602S 177 10.40598E

12-25 metres. Swim-throughs between boulders and sand gutters.Aquatic Life:Blue and pink maomao, butterfly perch, sweep and occasional snapper, tarakihi and large blue moki. Kingfish can be seen...

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Club Rocks, White Island
GPS: 37 32.127S 177 10.99902E

0-30 metres. Rocky reef extending out on the western side with caves and archways.Aquatic Life:Sponges, hydroids and bryozoans. Abundant reef fish, blue and pink maomao and occasional kingfish....

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Lottin Point
GPS: 37 32.00598S 178 10.086E

0-30 metres.Aquatic Life:This is a rich dive site well worth the treck. Fish include blue maomao, snapper, blue moki, porae and kingfish. Warnings:Beware of fishing line among the kelp.Directions:10...

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Rainbow Warrior
GPS: 34 58.488S 173 56.094E

The wreck of the Greenpeace "Rainbow Warrior", marked by a yellow buoy. The vessel was bombed by the French in 1985 killing one and was sunk here to form an artificial reef as a memorial in 1987....

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eiko maru #2, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 09 22.693N 167 28.126E

awesome huge ship, lots and lots to see, close to anchorage at roi-namur, 30m

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